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Whether you forgot to pay the hosting, hacked , or want to recover an old Blog,
we have you covered.

Utilizing Web Archive’s Wayback Time Machine, we can recover & restore your WordPress blog content, design & url structure to exactly what it use to be.

Ready in as little as 24 hours

From the same team that assist clients in recovering & designing their websites, Wayback Downloads, We specialize in recovering blogs & websites by utilizing Web Archive’s Wayback Time Machine. My using our custom made Website Recovery Software, we can rebuild websites based on backups from Web Archive. Our customized Software will go through every page to ensure that all of the pages are re-coded to work for you when uploaded to your new server and have you up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Content, Images & More

Along with the Text Content, we recover everything Web Archive has on backup to ensure a complete recovery Process, this includes:




Zip Files

* Please keep in mind we can only recover what Web Archive has

Custom Replica Sites

Looking to get an exact replica rebuilt of your blog? We can make that happen. We’ll rebuild the full website from scratch using the Web Archive backups to look exact or very close to it.

Responsive Designs

Basic SEO Setup

Automated Backup Setup

14 Day Support

Wayback Blog Recovery

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Let us help you get started in rebuilding your website. One of our four Recovery Exports are ready to assist you in your recovery.